By Anonymous, April 1st, 2012

We could not have asked for a better lawyer than Tomimasu-san. He was perfect for our case in many ways- his English is excellent, he is very tech savvy, and coincidentally he is a graduate of Stanford University where I myself and my brother who was incarcerated both went for school. We had access to Tomimasu-san at all hours- via Skype, email, and even coordinated a lot asynchronously via Google Docs. Tomimasu-san visited my brother every two days and delivered notes back and forth between friends back home and him, which was essential in keeping his spirits up during two difficult and lonely months in jail. Thanks to Tomimasu-san, we got Jordy out of jail without any criminal charges! He’s even able to visit Japan again which is pretty incredible. Tomimasu-san handled and negotiated the settlements with the victims, and we were able to get my brother out as quickly as possible. He handled the delicate and emotional situation with grace and diplomacy, despite the often frantic pace, the seemingly never ending to do list, and the trying dynamics of our family. He got to know many of our friends, as well as our family, and I felt that we actually became quite close through this whole difficult endeavor. I could not be more pleased with Tomimasu-san’s help for our case, and would highly recommend him to anyone, especially those who need someone with excellent English language skills. Arigatou, Tomimasu-san. Deep bow of respect and gratitude.

【Pre-Indictment Criminal Defense/IT Entreprenor, Programmer】