By Anonymous, Mar 27th, 2012

Tomimasu-san was a lifesaver for us.  Our friend had gotten into trouble in Japan and we were in America with no understanding of the system or the severity of charges against him.  We were referred to him by two different friends and were amazed when he met with us the first night we talked.  He was incredibly diligent and committed, visiting our friend every two days despite the distance.  He got an important doctor to visit within 72 hours and made us confident that we had someone on our side.  As the case unfolded over weeks, he always was present with our friend, communicative with the family, reasonable with costs and quite patient and thoughtful with everyone involved.  When we settled with 3rd parties, he did so for the minimum amount.  Overall, his performance was life-changing for our friend in trouble and saved us so much worry, cost and jail time that we are forever in his debt.  I give Tomimasu-san my highest recommendation.

【Pre-Indictment/ Criminal Defense】

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