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Top Statistics / Materials Published Materials > Report of 2018 Judiciary Research (Empirical Research on Calculation of Child Support and Marriage Costs)

 Under the theme of “empirical research on the calculation of childcare costs and marriage costs,” a judicial study has been conducted with judges belonging to the family courts in Tokyo and Osaka (at that time) as researchers. It was announced on December 23, 1st year.
 In this research report, materials currently used when calculating child support or marriage costs in the family court (standard calculation method / calculation for calculating the amount of standard child support / marriage costs easily and quickly) While following the concept of (Table), a standard calculation method / calculation table (first year version of Reiwa) has been proposed, such as updating the basic statistical data.
 The outline of the research report and the revised standard calculation table (first year of Reiwa) are as follows.

[After December 26, 1st year of Reiwa, the table files are divided and posted]

* About child support / marriage cost calculation table (explanation) (PDF: 84KB)