When you get into a legal trouble in a foreign country, you must be feeling quite nervous.

You suddenly realize that you have no knowledge on how to find a lawyer in Japan. You do not even know how the Japanese legal system works. Is it run fairly against foreigners? How is it like here about attorney-client privilege? How about the cost? No idea on what would be the fair pricing for hiring a lawyer?

Okay, Please take a breath. You do not need to know everything. In fact, you do not need to know anything, because that’s exactly the explanations what any lawyers should provide in a legal consultation session (Houritsu Soudan). However, it would be comforting to know in advance what you should expect to a certain degree. Unfortunately, there are scarce internet resources available for English speakers seeking legal help in Japanese jurisdiction. Even though basic principles outlined in some guidance pages prepared for American jurisdiction, such as ones by Tully Rinkey PLLC and legalmatch, applies mostly for Japanese legal services, other pages are not so useful, or may even be counter-productive for Japanese setting, due to fundamental differences existing between services in different jurisdictions.

So, in future, I am hoping to give you precise information to guide one through his/her challenge of choosing a best lawyer. Meanwhile, information that I have so far prepared for my services in this website would at least give you some points of reference, even if you do not seek my service in particular.

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Sometimes, it might be nice to be “lost in a translation” in a romantic setting to add stimulation and surprise. However, you obviously never want such surprise in a situation that requires timely and precise legal judgments. I am hoping to provide with you of some basic information to navigate you from setting up an appointment for an initial legal consultation session, and then, eventually to how you can retain a best-fit for your case in Japanese jurisdiction.