If you are considering hiring a lawyer,

…the first step would be to set up an appointment for a legal consultation

When you phone call us or send an inqury form to make an appointment for a legal consultation, it will be helpful to be ready to provide the following information:

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  • If you have preference on a particular attorney, please specify at this time.
  • In order for us to screen for the conflict of interest, please be ready to provide with us the following information
    • Your name, residence
    • Counter-Party’s name, residence
    • A brief description on the case
  • There are cases our office cannot handle due to a conflict of interests , or other circumstances.

Please do not worry about possibly being trapped in a situation where you have to hire a lawyer, simply by visiting our office for a consultation or two. You will never be pressured to sign a contract with a lawyer, and will have sufficient time for you to consider after a consultation.

Of course, when your case requires prompt response, it may be advisable to hire the lawyer at the end of consultation. If such urgency exists, the lawyer is going to explain why your case warrants quick response in order to ensure the best interest of you.