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Commitment to a high-quality GENERAL PRACTICE

A general practice attorney in Japanese jurisdiction, similar to other countries, encompasses a broad range of practice areas. We do not limit our law practices to one particular area of law. There are a few reasons why a general practice attorney may be a better fit for your case, as opposed to a specialty lawyer.

General practice lawyers are committed to doing the best job possible for their clients, and this requires them to be excellent legal advocates in any area they claim to practice. General practice attorneys are consummate professionals, and would not take on a case if they did not believe they could zealously represent a client. 

I would say the following description on an American practice also applies to GP lawyers in Japan as well.

 If something in your case takes a turn or goes awry, a specialized attorney might be caught off guard by any issue outside of his niche. In contrast, a general practice attorney may have the skills and knowledge to confront a new legal issue in any area related to your case. In the event your general practice attorney could not adequately represent you, a general practice attorney may be in a better position than a specialized attorney to refer you to a colleague who has knowledge in the area. 

cited from: Reid Law Firm

Examples of my practice

  • General Civil Cases
    Real Estate, Inheritance, Personal Injury, etc.
    • Real Estate has been one of the legal fields where Kamogawa Law Office has placed great emphasis in developing specialty and experiences. The office has been a general counsel for the 京都府宅地建物取引業協会, and routinely provided legal consultation and representation to its members. The office recently published several booklets on recent reform of Civil Code. (URL link to be added later.)

  • Cases involving foreign citizens
    Although Attorney Tomimasu does not specify his practice in one field, the some categories requires his unique English skills to its maximum potential to have brought about desired outcomes.
    • i.e.) Divorce(Special needs for explaining accurately how cultural differences contributed to disputes between the wife and the husband at issue. Special need to understand and present the unique needs of a bi-cultrual minor(s).)、Employment Disputes(understand and communicate to the judge how differences in expectations or work ethics may easily results in mutual misunderstandings and mistrust), Criminal defense(see the section below).

  • Technical Litigation
    (Architectural Design, Construction Supervision, Medical Malpractices)


Even though Attorney Tomimasu is not particularly specialized in criminal cases, this case category, especially in pre-indictment phase seeking non-indictment, seems to be one that his clients tend to feel fully appreciative of his English communication skills. Isolation, limited Time, extreme anxiety both for client oneself and his/her family members back home, sometime overseas, intensify multiply ….. (■to be completed at a later date)